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Does Safera Sense work with all types of electric stoves and cookers?


Can Safera Sense automatically reset the power?

Yes. Safera Sense can be set to automatically reset power when the right safety conditions are met.

Is Safera Sense suitable for elderly and vulnerable people living alone?

Yes. Safera Sense is particularly suited to protect those who might forget they are cooking or have limited ability to respond quickly to events in the kitchen.

How does Safera Sense compare to suppression hoods?

Because Safera Sense significantly reduces the risk of fires occurring, damage from toxic smoke is minimised. Suppression hoods aim to put out fires in the early stages, and require clean-up, maintenance and restock.

What is the warranty?

Safera Sense comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I use Safera Sense in Australia?

Yes. Safera Sense and the Power Control Unit meets both the AS/NZS 3820 Essential Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment standard and the EN 50615 European stove guard standard.

I have a gas stove. Can I use Safera Sense?

No. Safera Sense is not currently available for gas cookers, though there is a gas version in development.

Where can I get water leak detectors?

Please contact us via the contact page.

Where do I get the app from?


How much maintenance is required?

Safera Sense does not require any maintenance. There is a simple user test in section 5.2 of the user guide and installation manual.

It is recommended that the Sensor Unit be wiped clean occasionally to prevent a build-up of grease over the sensors.

What type of batteries does the sensor unit use?

The sensor unit uses 3 AA/LR6 Alkaline batteries.

How long does the battery last?

The expected battery life is one year and the Sensor Unit will flash a LED and sound a beep when the battery is low. The battery level can be checked both in the Safera App and via the Safera Cloud dashboard.

If the Safera Sense fails, what happens?

The Sensor Unit and PCU have self-diagnostic and on-board data recording tools which enables the product to be extremely reliable. If there is a fault in the Sensor Unit or the PCU, cooking will be restricted to a short period, after which the user must reset the power with the OK button to continue.

I have multiple Safera Sense Multi-sensors in the same building or kitchen, can they affect each other?

No. Pairing the Sensor Unit and Power Control Unit creates a unique connection.

Can I use two Safera Sense’s in the same kitchen?

Yes. For stoves and cookers that are closer than 150mm, care must be taken with the placement of the Sensor Units to ensure there is no overlap of sensor areas.


How long will it take to install Safera Sense?

It should take around 30 to 45 minutes to install. If the electrician is familiar with the PCU installation process, even less. The Safera Sense sensor takes a couple of minutes and if the placement is at the recommended defaults, no further setting changes should be required. The placement settings are covered in the Safera App setup and easy to change.

Where do I install the Safera Sense sensor and Power Control Unit?

The details for recommended placement can be found in the User Manual on the Download page.

The Safera Sense sensor can be placed on the wall behind the stove or cooker, or can be placed on the stove hood. It is attached with VBH tape to clean glass or metal surfaces, so no drilling.

The PCU is wired between the wall power outlet and the stove or cooker.

Can I use any electrician to install the PCU?

We strongly recommend you use a registered electrician to install the PCU.

Who would use Safer Sense?

For Homes

Families with children, elderly or vulnerable family members.

Elderly and vulnerable

Elderly people, especially those with dementia. Vulnerable people who may have mobility difficulties, physical or mental health issues.

Accommodation providers

Aged Care providers
Retirement living providers
Universities who provide student accommodation and shared kitchens
Landlords & Property Managers


Companies who provide kitchen services with a stove or cooker for staff

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