Safera Sense WiFi

Sense Features

Cooking Safety

Sounds an alarm on detection of a possible fire risk

Smart Cooking

Recognises various cooking events and sends notifications

Remote Monitoring

Monitor via the Cloud

Safera iPhone app screen showing cooking safety metrics

Mobile App

Installation Guide & Cooking Notifications

Bluetooth connectivity

Connects your mobile phone to the sensor

Smart notifications

Email and SMS notifications when connected to Safera Cloud


Proactive protection of people and property from kitchen fires


Safera Sense plus the Power Control Unit will turn off power to the stove when a fire risk is detected

Water leak guard

Prevents costs caused by water leaks. Up to four leak sensors can be placed in typical leak sites in a kitchen.

Revolutionary sensor technology

Hybrid Sensor System monitors cooking with more than 10 sensors.

Firmware over-the-air updates

Over-The-Air updates via the Safera App.

High memory capacity

Memory drive stores thousands of cooking events.


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