Retirement Living

Stay secure while cooking

Retirement is a new stage of life and brings with it new challenges as we grow older. Seniors can be secure in the knowledge that they are safe if they accidentally leave cooking unattended.

Management staff can have peace of mind that the cooking area is being monitored with Safera Sense, preventing stove top fires and significantly reducing the activation of smoke detectors, heat sensors and sprinkler systems.

Safera Sense will:

  • Protect people from the risk of fire and smoke inhalation
  • Protect residents when they cook and may have fallen asleep
  • Improve the quality of life by providing dignity, independence and freedom for those living with physical or mental challenges
  • Monitor the stove top and cut power to the stove when fire conditions are detected
  • Reduce fire and smoke alarm activations

When paired with a Cloud Care Team package, management staff can remotely monitor when:

  • Power has been cut to the stove to prevent a fire, smoke or food burning
  • Power has been cut to the stove which exceeds a specified number of times in a set period
  • A resident hasn’t cooked for a specified amount of time e.g. 2 days
  • A resident has been cooking at unusual times
  • The kitchen is excessively hot or cold, humid or damp
  • A water leak has been detected
  • The PCU must be replaced
  • The sensor must be replaced
  • The sensor battery is running low

Cost benefits

By preventing a fire you save time and money by:

  • Reducing staff investigations and reporting overheads
  • Avoiding unnecessary smoke detectors alarms and calls to emergency services
  • Avoiding disruption to retirement home care and meal schedules
  • Avoiding repairs and temporary rehousing
  • Avoiding insurance claims due to kitchen fires
  • Preventing damage from water leaks
  • Preventing water damage from sprinkler systems
  • Avoiding clean-up and redecoration following extinguisher or sprinkler use