Landlords & Property Managers

Protect your residents and your assets

Safera Sense provides peace of mind by reducing the risk of cooking fires. It provides protection for your residents and assets from toxic smoke, fire or water damage.

It is important to reduce risk in all possible areas to ensure safety of residents and that your income stream is dependable.

Safera Sense will:

  • Protect people and property from the risk of fire, water and toxic smoke damage
  • Reduce unnecessary fire and smoke alarm activations
  • Monitor your properties and be notified when alarm conditions are met

Paired with a Cloud Care Team package, management staff can easily monitor when:

  • Power has been cut to the stove to prevent a fire.
  • Power has been cut to the stove which exceeds a specified number of times in a set period.
  • The kitchen is excessively hot or cold.
  • The kitchen is excessively humid or damp.
  • A water leak has been detected.
  • The PCU must be replaced.
  • The sensor must be replaced.
  • A sensor battery is running low.

Cost Benefits

Save time and money by preventing fire or significant smoke damage and:

  • Reduce staff investigations and reporting overheads.
  • Reduce fire alarms and calls to emergency services.
  • Avoid unnecessary repairs.
  • Avoid insurance claims following a kitchen fire.
  • Prevent damage from water leaks.
  • Prevent damage from sprinkler systems.
  • Avoid clean-up and redecoration following extinguisher or sprinkler use.
  • Avoid rehousing of tenants and residents during clean-up.